Manufacturing and Designing Techniques of Silicone Rubber Bracelets

Silicone rubber bracelets are highly versatile. This manufacturing material is available in a wide range of products and it is certainly not restricted to the industrial demesne. Silicone rubber is also used in manufacturing recreational merchandise such as decorative accessories especially in the form of wristbands and bracelets. These are highly popular and the huge sale of these bracelets provides significant revenue for the rubber jewelry manufacturers. Several other silicone companies have benefited from this manufacturing material. However, the increasing popularity of the wristbands also known as gel bands is due to the ease of its customization.

Simple Molding Process
A straightforward molding process is followed in manufacturing these bracelets in large quantities. There are even several companies that allow customers to order for customized messages in their choice of color, style and size of the rubber band. Catering to the personal needs, there are unique design modifications made in its manufacturing. However, in spite of such personalized demands, the manufacturers can maintain a suitable and affordable cost-to-price ratio. This has benefited both the manufacturers as well as the customers. All these features have created a distinct niche in the market for these silicone rubber wristbands.

Features of Silicone
You will surely find several bracelets that are made from other synthetic rubber materials but mostly it is the silicone wristbands that are more popular. There are several reasons for it and one of the most significant reasons is that silicone is a bonded polymer substance that has a large number of elastomeric qualities. These features make it both water resistant as well as most flexible. The heat-resistant ability of silicone makes it the most suitable insulating material as well. However, this material is usually very susceptible to UV exposure resulting in fast deterioration.

Production Process Followed
Silicone rubber used to make wristband UK are usually extruded into strips or tubes. These are of varying thickness and are compressed molded into a round cross-section that gives the familiar look of a bracelet. To make colored bracelets the rubber is dyed which is essentially a pre-molding process. There are different ranges of colors that are used by different companies and all of these colors are attractive and vibrant. The silicone bands have high levels of elasticity for which it can stretch over almost all wrists. It is for this stretchable property of silicone that most companies manufacture these decorative bands with a circumference ranging from 7 and 8.5 inches with a half an inch width and usually a tenth of an inch thickness.

Customized Text and Colors
Wristbands are the most effective way to display and convey messages. You can get your text tailored according to your need and can choose from a wide array of predetermined phrases as well. These messages can be displayed in different styles that include the commonly de-bossed style where words are recessed by an imprint mold. You may also have it embossed style in which the words are raised about 2 millimeters from the surface of the band.

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